Dreier mit Freundin und 23cm!!!

Als ich letzten mit meiner Freundin Maja Bach bei unserem Kumpel war, hat der für uns seinen Badezuber eingeheizt. Uns überkam das dringende Bedürfnis uns ein wenig in dem sehr

Hey, my dears ......

in three days it's time and it's my Birthday again

Have been asked by many People what i want and what they can present me. 

I am really very happy to have you as my fans and if you REALLY want to give me a happy Birthday, then either donate something on my homepage here via my tribute button in the shop, because I still urgently need a new kitchen, hehe

Or you can also subscribe to my new Onlyfans account, because it is for my TRUE FANS, my "Onlyfans" !!!!! Would be very nice if I could greet one or the other there, because I can say right away that the account is something very, very special. There ..... and ONLY THERE you will see pictures and videos which are partly very private and can not be seen on any platforms on which I am active and will never be seen

These are the two little things that I want for my Birthday on Thursday and i'm curious whether there is someone who wants to fulfill one or the other wish and who it will be

I wish you all a very, very great day and send you a big kiss

Yours Lenakiss?

Hotel Fick in Milano

Als ich in Mailand war, traf ich einen User zum Drehen in einem Hotelzimmer. Natürlich habe ich versautes Luder aus Bequemlichkeit nach kurzer Zeit schon die Hose ausgezogen. Ich wollte

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No, i'm leaving