Today I went on a trip and was a guest at a horse show.  I was of course the guest of honor because my expertise in equestrian sports is appreciated :)   I saw some really beautiful animals with a lot of potential.  Riding is my hobby

new week ahead

my plan

I am currently planning new things, new content and new videos.  What would you like to see?


Yesterday I went shopping again.  Unfortunately, I don't have a critical advisor angel


What would the world be without you strong men?  This is YOUR day today, YOU have earned it and YOU deserve to enjoy this beautiful day in the most beautiful month of the year.  I can't wait to hear what you have to tell me. Write to me !!!

ready for the weekend

ready for the weekend

I love it

I can finally go without panties again :)

May 1st

What great weather today on May 1st. right?

What are you doing?


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No, i'm leaving